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IoT: Innovating Retail Channel Operations

IoT: Revolutionizing Retail Operations The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping retail practices. With a rich history of direct interaction with suppliers and customers, retailers are leveraging new IoT technology to enhance these relationships. Consumers are embracing IoT innovations for

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Retail Management

Pop-Up Stores Support an Omnichannel Vision

Pop-Up Stores Support an Omnichannel Vision Pop-ups project a fun, trendy and intimate attitude to customers, and for retailers they can function as an integral part of an omnichannel strategy. Pop-up stores represent a temporary opportunity for shoppers to take

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Customer experience

Connecting with Generation Z in retail

Connecting with Generation Z in retail Generation Z includes retailers’ fist set of digitally native consumers. Born after 1996, these customers have never known a worl without the internet. As result, they have high expectations of interconnectedness between online and

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